Meet Our Formulators

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Ultraceuticals skincare formulators

Our impressive line-up of skincare products and professional treatments wouldn’t be here without our incredibly talented in-house research and development team. So, we thought it was about time to sneak into the Ultra Lab and introduce them to you. 

In between researching and testing an array of formulations for future development (very exciting products, you’ll hear about soon), we persuaded the team to give us the tell-all about their role at Ultraceuticals, their favourite ingredients to work with, and the products they can’t live without. 

Meet Dr. Shiva Farabi

Innovation and R&D Director with over 13 years of dedicated experience in skincare science, spearing innovation while leading the R&D team. Her favourite Ultra project? The development of Ultra A Perfecting Serum. She tells us it’s an advanced formulation with a transformative impact on the skin; a product that showcases our commitment to innovation and powerful results. Retinol is also one of her favourite ingredients to formulate with as it’s known for its anti-aging properties and skin renewal benefits. It’s one of our best-selling corrective serums and rightly so (thanks Shiva).

Meet Dr. Sally Noushini

Innovation and R&D Chemist, supercharging powerful formulations with years of expertise in the industry. We have her to thank for Ultra DNA³ Complex Recovery Night Cream - a personal favourite of hers (and ours too). She tells us the formulation of our night cream represents extensive research, cutting-edge technology and a deep commitment to clinically proven results. She loved researching and testing formulations that would support the skin during our sleep cycle while promoting skin hydration, renewal and overall rejuvenation. She really took beauty sleep to a whole new level. 

Meet Dr. Jie Song

Innovation and R&D Chemist with over 10 years of experience as a research scientist, dedicated to introducing innovative materials and technologies to a range of our products. One of Jie’s favourite projects to work on has been the development of our Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50. It marks her first sunscreen project. She tells us there were lots of highs, lows, enjoyable moments and challenges (a convo for another day), but it opened her eyes to the world of SPF and hopes to be a part of more Suncare projects down the line (yes please!). 

Meet Dr. Darren Zhao

Innovation and R&D Chemist, deeply passionate about skincare and the impact our products have on us in delivering real results and transformational confidence. Darren brings years of expertise with a background in the pharmaceutical industry. His favourite product to have worked on is our Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion (a saviour for unwanted blemishes). He explains that the development of this product was challenging because of its high concentration of active ingredients. However, he feels fulfilled in creating a product that not only helps with his acne-prone skin but also those in our Ultra community who experience the same concern. 

Meet Elise Crowley

R&D Specialist, inspired by the impact our products have on our community and passionate about researching and developing formulas with proven results. The #1 product Elise can’t live without? Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist. A daily essential to immediately boost hydration, leaving her looking and feeling refreshed at all times. If she could make her dream skincare product, it would be a face mask that she could wear all night and make her instantly fall asleep (genius). 

Meet Jessica Nichols

Clinical Trial Coordinator, qualified esthetician and experienced clinic manager and educator responsible for our clinical trials. Jess oversees the entire process of scientific investigation; responsible for designing, conducting and analysing the outcomes of all clinical trials - including our incredible before and after photos. She loves taking the final photos of her panelists at the end of each trial, witnessing the change in confidence as a result of our powerful products and treatments. Her favourite treatment? all of them - but if she had to choose it would be the A-Zyme® Peel and PHA Resurfacing Peel. Both leave her skin bouncy and rejuvenated (our dream skin combo).


Pictured L-R: Darren Zhao, Sally Noushini, Shiva Farabi, Jessica Nichols, Elise Crowley, Jie Song.