The Ultimate Bedtime Routine With Carlotta+Gee

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Sleep is a key culprit to waking up with fresh, radiant skin - something we all want every single day. But, for some (many), staying asleep for 7-8 hours may seem like an impossible task. Factors to consider: mindset, comfort, temperature and environment.

Aside from your line-up of night-time skincare, your sleeping environment is another component of a successful slumber - and one considered by besties Carlotta and Georgie; female founders behind Australia’s leading sustainable French linen brand, Carlotta+Gee.

After spending a few nights away in a Boutique Hotel, well-rested and wrapped in linen; Carlotta and Georgie quickly realised a good night's sleep, really should be every night. From there, the two pioneered their passion for the highest quality, comfortable bedding. Since then, they have extended their offering to homeware, loungewear and pyjamas; which in our opinion pair perfectly with a fresh face of evening skincare.

We asked Carlotta and Georgie to share their top tips to best unwind from the day. Here’s what they said:

ultraceuticals skincare, ultraceuticals night-time routine

Ensure your environment is clean and tidy.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it's one that will make all the difference. A quick tidy-up doesn’t mean a deep clean or wardrobe declutter just before you hop into bed. You might want to start by removing any food or drinks from your bedside table and picking up any clothes left on the floor.

Taking care of your bedding is also important; ensure you are regularly washing your sheets and maintaining freshness - at all times. This simple practice sets up the ideal environment you need for a deep night’s sleep; calm, clutter-free and ready for your self-care routine.

Invest in your bedding.

Your bedding and pillows play an important role in supporting a comfortable night’s rest. Nothing beats the comfort of French linen sheets (C+G branded of course). They’re cozy, soft and breathable - ideal for any weather; keeping you cool when it’s warm and snug when it’s cold. You’ll look forward to crawling into bed every night and waking up refreshed.


“There's something about the natural, relaxed vibe of linen that just makes bedtime a little more special.”  - Carlotta 

Create a self-care routine, and stick to it.

Night-time calls for serious self-care. Use the hour or two before bed to relax and unwind. You might want to light a candle, drink a cup of herbal tea, apply a face mask, read a chapter of your book or watch an episode of your favourite TV show - although remember to set yourself a screen time limit as blue light exposure may make it difficult to fall asleep. Look out for activities to add to your routine that help you relax and make you feel calm.

“I never skip my Ultraceuticals skincare routine – it's a must for a little pre-bedtime self-love. I wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.” - Georgie
When it comes to winding down, a non-negotiable for us is skin prep - because there’s nothing we all love more than a freshly cleansed and moisturised face. If you’re unsure where to begin, start with a cleanse to wash away the daily build-up of dirt, oil, sunscreen and make-up. Rinse and repeat your cleanse before following with your serums and moisturiser (Ultraceuticals, specifically).

A must-have to add to your skincare radar? Ultra DNA³ Complex Recovery Night Cream; a rich, luxurious night-cream designed to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. You’ll wake up glowing.

Want to nail your night-time routine?

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