MEET Dr. Geoffrey Heber

Leader In Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Geoffrey Heber embarked on his medical journey at the University of New South Wales, obtaining his medical degree there in 1980. From 1988 to 2015 he practised non-surgical cosmetic medicine, alongside his medically trained wife, Deborah, at their medical practice Heber Davis Cosmetic Medicine. For some years suppliers ranked their practice to be the largest users of dermal fillers and muscle relaxants in Australia and New Zealand. Dr Heber also holds the distinction of being a Founding Fellow of the College of Cosmetic Physicians of Australia. He obtained an MBA from the University of Sydney in 1990.

Skincare Pioneer

With a visionary spirit, Dr. Heber started to establish his mark in the skincare category. In 1991, he initiated a venture with a top USA cosmeceutical manufacturer and introduced the first range of Alpha Hydroxy Acid-based cosmeceutical skincare products to Australia and New Zealand.

The year 1998 marked the inception of Ultraceuticals, a brainchild of Dr. Heber's. He oversaw its development, leading a team of skilled international and Australian chemists. The concept of Ultraceuticals was based on his knowledge of consumer skincare needs from his experience of prescribing the first cosmeceutical, the prescription form of Vitamin A called tretinoin, for many years, the treatment of some thousands of cosmetic medical clients, and his attendance at many international cosmetic dermatology conferences where research on cosmeceuticals and cosmetic skin treatments had been presented. With a visionary spirit, Dr. Heber started to establish his mark in the skincare category.

Aesthetic Expertise

Dr. Heber's impact extends beyond his practice. He has delivered many presentations about topical treatments for aesthetic skin conditions and cosmetic medicine at medical conferences. He has held numerous patents for hyaluronic acid-based topical and dermal filler compositions. His scientific paper on the stability and delivery of Vitamin C from a new type of delivery system was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.