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Looking After Your Skin During Pregnancy

To make navigating the world of pregnancy-safe skincare less overwhelming, we asked two expectant mothers about their experience dealing with pregnancy skin - and how they’re handling it.

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

Combat your skin concerns throughout pregnancy and post-partum with Ultraceuticals range of skincare products. Our pregnancy-safe skincare products, including corrective serums are designed to target your skin concerns and leave you feeling nourished, plumped and radiant.

1. What Ultraceuticals products can I use while pregnant?

All ingredients in our products are used in compliance with Australian Government laws and regulations governing cosmetic ingredients. However, if you are concerned about using any of our products, in particular the Vitamin A range, during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding, we recommend you to consult your physician. Please note that all our ingredient lists are available on our website.

2. Can your skin change significantly throughout pregnancy? What are some common skin concerns to look out for?

Due to the hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, our skin may change significantly. One of the most notable changes can be the development of Chloasma, during pregnancy, or Melasma, post-pregnancy. Often these conditions present as hyperpigmentation on the skin. Other common changes can be acne or breakouts or dull and dehydrated skin.